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About us

About UBB NetworkDid you know that there are 25 million privately held businesses in the US alone?

The need for business brokerage services is increasing every year and the number of business buyers and sellers with no idea how to navigate the market is going up as well. Unfortunately, the business brokerage market is also tricky and highly competitive. That’s where UBB Network comes in!

If you have a business for sale and want a professional service with expertise in closing on your behalf, look no further! UBB Network connects buyers and sellers across a vast network and helps to mediate a stress-free transaction that leaves all parties satisfied. Better yet, our services come at no cost to buyers and we even schedule appointments and assist with paperwork!

While other firms don’t market efficiently
, UBB Network uses a variety of different channels: internet, print advertising, buyer and seller networks, as well as leveraging memberships to different associations (such as the IBBA-International Business Brokerage Association) to get businesses sold. No business is too big or too small to use UBB Network’s Services.

Whoever you are, and whatever you do – you’re a top priority with us, from start to finish! Today, you can take the first step. Take the stress out of buying or selling a business and free yourself up for more important tasks. Look to Unified Business Brokers Network to get you to the next level!

Contact us for help at: 832 640 5130 or