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Merger & Acquistions

Merger and Acquistion

UBB Network’s Mergers and Acquisitions Service represents buyers in expanding their businesses or acquiring new businesses to add to their investment portfolio. We conduct comprehensive M&A searches based on almost any criteria, including: Industry (SIC) code; Geography; Business Size and Type and others.

At UBB Network, buyer satisfaction is important. We don’t just offer up a stack of listings for the buyer to go through in order to determine which to purchase. Instead, we narrow the search to a quantifiable number of businesses and then, on your behalf, solicit their interest in selling or taking on a working partner.

Once we have come up with a solid list of potential prospects, we do our due diligence to ensure that it is a qualified opportunity before presenting them to you – the buyer. We offer valuable advice and assistance in the best ways to proceed as you move forward. Most importantly, we keep your identity completely confidential during this process and only reveal your identity and that of the seller with full consent.


UBB Network is skilled at achieving synergy between two business entities. We locate opportunities that seem to provide good potential for synergy and we bring those opportunities to the forefront. We have vast networks including the investment community, affiliations with professional services firms, business intermediaries, industry associations, targeted mailings, alumni networks and other sources. Our efforts yield a varied set of high-quality buyout and investment opportunities.

To learn more about UBB Network, please contact us at: 832 640 5130 or